Sõnala online game - Estonian words

Sõnala online game - Estonian words

The aim of the word game is to make words from the given letters in each line. 
You can play the game by clicking here.

The word game of Sõnala is one of the most difficult, yet very exciting and educational. In addition to guessing the words, you also have to consider your score. Points help you get higher in the ranking.

The word game has over 100,000 different Estonian words. As you rate the words, the word game gets better and better every day.

Sõnala seletus


1 - Shows how many fields there are. 
2 - Save player name or start a new game. Menu. 
3 - Points.  
4 - A given letter to be placed in the correct position in area 5. 
5 - A square of guess words.


Tähe asetamine väljakule

Character placement

The given letter must be placed in the correct position in the word. There are two ways to move a star.  
1. It is possible to move the letter to the right position by dragging it.  
2. By clicking on the desired place on the grid, the given letter will move there.  
By placing a letter in the wrong place, 1 point is deducted and the letter goes back to the last place in the sequence. 


Sõnad ja vihjed

Words and hints

When guessing a word, the clue is the extreme words from top to bottom. The guess words are horizontally left to right in the grid. The extreme words, however, are directed from top to bottom. A correct field results in the base words being squared at the edges of the field.


Sõnaraamatud ja sõna hindamine

Dictionaries and word evaluation

You can check the guessed word in dictionaries (by clicking on the word). EKI ÕS 2018, Dictionary and Wiktionary.  
If the word cannot be found in the dictionaries, then the word should be evaluated with a negative mark, thumbs down. However, if the word is suitable, it should be evaluated with a positive mark, thumbs up.  
When evaluating words, you get 3 points on the first evaluation. No points are awarded for evaluating a word repeatedly. The amount of points received does not depend on the grade either.


The aim of the word game is to guess words from the letters. Estonian words. Dictionaries EKI ÕS, Sõnaveeb and Wiktionary. The best word game. A word game for everyone.

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