Finance - Learn to trade and run your own company

Finance - Learn to trade and run your own company

Finance online game - game based on trading.

You have your last 9,000 euros in your pocket and a strong desire to earn your first million.

When you start the game, you have 9,000 euros in your account. With it you can purchase your first stocks, commodities or items found in the shop.
By successfully trading with them, you need to collect an additional 1000 euros so that you can create your first company.

The prices of in-game stocks, commodities and items in the shop are constantly changing. One moment you are in loss with your transactions, the next moment you are in profit.
Buy low and sell high.

Commodity trading - Commodities are for example Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rapeseed, Wheat, Metal and much more. You have the opportunity to buy them for your user or company. Companies use raw materials in the production of products.
The price of commodities depends on demand. The demand on the market is low and there is plenty of raw material in the warehouses, so the price is also cheap. With higher demand and emptying of warehouses, the price of the commodity becomes higher.

Bitcoin - You have the opportunity to trade real bitcoin price. Buy your Bitcoin and hold it or sell it now and make a profit.

Products - Companies produce products from raw materials. By buying products from the market, you have the opportunity to influence the price of the products. With higher demand, the products are more expensive and you earn more by selling products with your company.
When selling, it is always worth looking at a better time.

Products in the shop - Cars, buildings, boats, planes and islands.
The prices of the products in the store depend on the profit of the market for the whole game. If the players do well and everyone makes a profit, the products in the store are more expensive. However, if you sell at a loss and things get worse, the prices of the products in the store will drop.

Loans - You can give or take loans from other players. The loan must always be repaid. If you do not pay, you will be fined and the money will be automatically withdrawn.
There is a good opportunity to make a profit by giving a loan. When the borrower repays the loan, he also has to pay the interest and you get it as a profit.

Gambling - The game also has some gambling games. You have the opportunity to try your luck and win a larger amount of money.

Companies - By earning 10,000 euros to your user account, you have the opportunity to create your first company.

When managing a company, you have to determine the positions in your company and their salaries. You have to hire your own employees. In addition, robots can also be added to employees. Robots produce and generate large profits for the company.

The company has shares immediately. You will be the first to buy the desired amount of your company's shares. After buying their quantity, everyone else has the opportunity to invest in your company and buy shares.
Your activities and company management affect the share price.

When running a company, you also have to take into account that you have to pay social tax on employees and robots every week.

In addition, we recommend reading the guide How to play?

The Finance game is constantly updated and goes along with the wishes of the users. The goal is to educate players on stock trading and management. Saving and growing money is a skill everyone needs in life.

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